If you were fishing from a boat and there were trophy fish swimming all around you, wouldn't you want to grab a net and catch them all? What if you only had a single fishing pole? Or worse, what if the water was so cloudy that you couldn't see the fish?


This is your website. You can't see who is visiting, and right now you're only reeling in 5-10 out of every 100 using your one fishing pole (your current technology). We can help you capture the whole bunch, because our technology can see the fish under your boat - and we own a giant net that can bring them all on board. How much more efficient would you be if you could market to all those warm or even hot leads on multiple platforms, and still give opt-in control to those customers to foster engagement?  

Of course it's all compliant and done through opt-in notices at the point of data collection, so you can capture and remarket to and audience that is already showing signs of interest.  How valuable would it be to provide this audience with relevant content at the exact moment they are checking you out? And you can do it in a way that is super cost-effective yet in accordance with privacy, opt-in and unsubscribe guidelines. 

This isn't Facebook expiring pixels or cookies that can be cleared. You already spent money to get these leads to your site. They are coming down your funnel, showing signs of interest. Stop using a single fishing pole! Let us show you how to gently and effectively encourage them to engage by using a multi-channel approach that turns leads into visits.  

In-Market Buyers By Location

Welcome to the world of predictive analytics and behavioral modeling.  Our data tells us who is doing the online behaviors that our algorithms deem to be buying signals, based on data analysis and also the behaviors of your recent buyers.  That's right, your buyers were performing online actions before they purchased, leaving a digital footprint.  Our algorithms find people that are doing those same behaviors right now!  And we tell it what markets and zip codes to look in, further dialing in the exact targeting that is likely to deliver the absolute hottest leads.  We can even market directly to that audience, long before your competition even knows who they are.  This is the future of marketing - we just happen to be ahead of the game and can deliver it right now. 

Targeted Leads w/ Marketing Funnel Execution

Not sure what to do with all this data?  Need help in getting the most out of these targeted leads?  If you want to market to these warm, in-your-funnel leads as well as those giving off the "buying body-language" but need guidance in creating the process to maximize your efforts, we can help you do that.  We have almost 30 years of experience in the real estate trenches, managing marketing programs and sales processes that have led to over 11,000 transactions for $5+ billion in sales.  We're not looking to replace your marketing personnel - we want to arm them with these cutting-edge tools so they can save money and help make more sales!

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Whether you're ready to start your WebCapture, In-market leads or you just have questions, reach out to us and we'll be in touch right away.

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